Corporate and Social responsibility: Sustainability Report

Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd is a family run business and we have been building homes throughout Worcestershire for over 20 years.
The builds, from affordable starter homes to large family properties, have been developed for private sale, rental and the social housing markets.
The scale and diversity of our operations means that we have to take a pragmatic approach to business.

Our primary business is focused on the building of exceptional quality homes for our clients, priced and developed to suit all markets and community needs, and creating a suitable environment with facilities that enhance their quality of life. We aim to achieve this outcome with any restoration, alteration or extensions to existing properties that we may undertake for our clients.

The Directors acknowledge that to be a successful company we are required to consider our impact on the environment and on the local communities around us, thus ensuring that we operate in a responsible way and build homes that are both efficient and sustainable. Our corporate and social responsibilities require us to consider the following:

  • Climate change and air pollution

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Reduction of waste

  • Waste recycling


Our sustainability policy outlines a further five guiding principles that shape our company and how we undertake our activities in a responsible way:


1. Customer Satisfaction

When a client sets out to get a new home or decides that there is a need for money to be spent on their existing home, it is one of the most difficult decisions that they will make.  We have a responsibility to ensure that we give them a quality service throughout the project in order to reduce the emotional and, where possible, the financial impact on their lives. In order to meet this standard, Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd will:

  • Seek opportunities to continually improve customer care and satisfaction

  • Monitor and measure levels of customer satisfaction

  • Keep the customer appraised at regular Intervals throughout the build


2. Work with Local communities

We have a responsibility to act in a way that is considerate and takes into account the views and opinions of local residents. We also recognise, through our knowledge of planning and environmental practices, the opportunity to enhance the local environment, facilities and surroundings that may contribute to the local economy through employment and other opportunities. Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd will:

  • Treat local communities with respect and listen to their views and concerns

  • Build inclusive communities that enable good relationships between neighbours and with those living in the local area

  • Use resources, suppliers and materials from the local area where appropriate

  • Be considerate in the way we operate our sites and build sympathetically to the local surroundings and environment


3. Design and build Sustainable Developments

The homes we build are built to last. During their occupation, each home built will have an impact on the environment around it. We have a responsibility to create homes that are efficient and enable our clients to minimise their social and environmental impact. Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd will always endeavour to:

  • Create communities that allow people to live in a sustainable way

  • Promote, protect, preserve or enhance the Local Environment

  • Adhere to relevant legislation and building regulations on sustainability issues

  • Incorporate sustainability features into the homes we build

  • Respect local heritage and build in a way that contributes and enhances the local surroundings

  • Prevent pollution from our activities through adherence to robust environmental management practices

  • Minimise waste and promote recycling and use resources and materials efficiently

  • Monitor and measure our environmental performance

  • Promote environmental awareness amongst our employees


4. Promote Health and Safety within our Working Environment

The health and safety of our employees and general public that come into contact with our activities is of utmost importance. We also have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others visiting our sites and premises. Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd will:

  • Enforce a health and safety policy practice and procedures throughout our operations

  • Monitor and review the implementation of our policy and procedures

  • Ensure that sub-contractors comply with health and safety regulations

  • Provide appropriate health and safety training for our employees

  • Ensure that the general public are kept safe from our work activities

  • Always strive to minimise the risk of incidents occurring by

      o   Creating site specific risk assessments

      o   Reviewing Risk Assessments at regular intervals throughout the build

      o   Informing employees of hazards and risks of injury in briefings

      o   Enforcing health and safety legislation whilst on site

      o   Training/education


5. Enhancing our Employees

The company acknowledges that our success depends heavily on the skills and commitment of those we employ.  We have a responsibility to promote and develop the skills of people within our business and those wanting a career in the building industry. Owen Developments (Worcester) Ltd are:

  • Encouraging employees to take up training initiatives to enhance their skills and qualifications

  • Providing equal access to training to enable our employees to develop themselves and their careers

  • Creating a culture that rewards employees commensurate with their contribution to the business to motivate them and retain skills within the business



Reviewed Nov 16